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The team has strives for collaboration with national and international partners. We anticipate to sign Memorandum of understanding in coming fiscal years with some of new partners.

As a leading partner, GTO Pakistan provided seed money to establish majority of our projects since 2003. GTO envisioned protection of human rights, youth and gender empowerment and good governance and regarded a leader of change pertaining to Transgender rights in Punjab and Pakistan.

As a youth based Voluntary organization, Youth Parliament for Water Pakistan is committed to raise social awareness about sustainable management of Water Resources, Climate Change. It work with youth for the youth ; by the youth on a democratic way for the engagement of young generation and empowering them in Water, environment, ecological development and climate change resilience community building. Its think Globally and act locally.

The Youth Parliament project is conceived, conceptualized and planned to execute with a vision to empower the youth of Pakistan with the ability to understand the importance of their role in community services and to nurture their leadership qualities, and provide them equal platform for legislation and policy making in Pakistan. We are in process to signed an MoU in 2019.

The World Youth Parliament for Water is a youth network acting for water around the world. As a member, we ensure that youth voices are heard by decision makers, take local action in their communities, and team up for shared solutions. We are in process to signed an MoU in 2019.

As an implementing partner, Punjab government provided ample support to initiate and implement many youth led projects, particularly Health, Education, Urban and Housing Department. The Punjab government is committed to provide support for youth leadership, accelerating agenda 2030, advancement and localization of SDGs and good governance in the province.

GCCEI provides startups with consulting services, as well as office spaces, investment referrals, and international expansion aids. Since our partnership, we refereed many potential startups to GCCEI in South Korea and we looking for expanding our partnership. We are in process to signed an MoU in 2019.

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