Our Mission

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Without creative leadership, hard and soft-skills, one can’t expect progress, prosperity and sustainable development in a country.

Investing in youth leadership not only ensures that the future generation is equipped with competencies necessary for strong leadership, but enhances young people’s understanding of how to be accountable and inspiring leaders.


A flagship program on developing Youth Leadership Skills aimed not only to deal with the issues of youth and their empowerment but also to utilize the capabilities, intellect, creativity and potential. YAC has taken several steps to build capacity of marginalized youth in District Kasur, Bannu, Peshawar, Islamabad districts of Pakistan and Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. In Congo, YAC has trained over 200 Young people. YAC team has also participated in International Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship  programs funded by Asia-Europe Foundation and APYPW, South Korea.

Our Work in Action

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Invest in future should be concern on everyone mind. Our target is to achieve our next milestone and make many young leaders to lead.

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